The Transcription Agency provides an efficient, reliable and professional transcription, translation and analysis solution to numerous sectors including the legal and medical professions, social and market research agencies, government departments and universities.

Transcription and translation services are available from all digital media and also from tapes.

Our experienced office team are available to explain our range of transcription and translation services and always liaise closely with clients to ensure that their requirements and expectations are met.

The Transcription Agency’s clients always come back because they are confident in:

  • Our confidentiality procedures which reassure clients that their soundfiles and documents will be handled securely in an environment which has been assessed and approved.

  • Our unfaltering levels of reliability. All transcripts are sent back to deadline without fail.

  • Our quality assurance process which results in consistently accurate transcripts, referenced and checked for accuracy in The Transcription Agency’s in-house Quality Control Unit.

  • Our staff selection criteria which ensures that our customer service remains second to none, our speed of response is high and our transcription team have the relevant background, experience and professionalism to maintain and build on our excellent reputation.

Please browse our department pages for more information or contact us to discuss your requirements, request a quote or to book work in: